Friday, April 1, 2016

20books16 Challenge #4: A Book in a Series

I tackled the next 20 Books in 2016 Challenge with some alacrity. I decided to read a book in a series. Harry Potter sparked my love of reading book series long ago and it hasn’t faded since. Book series give you a chance to read about your favorite characters over and over again.

In honor of the rising popularity of the new Starz show Outlander (and some persuasion on behalf of a friend), I chose to read the series of books on which the TV show is based. I didn’t watch the show before reading the book because I wanted to get a real feel for the books before involuntarily comparing it to the show every time I picked it up.

Thanks to a long weekend in which practically two days were spent sitting at an airport, I was able to knock out the 850-page book rather quickly.

As is usual for me, I latched onto one of the main fictional characters, and I don’t plan on letting Jamie go anytime soon. Jamie, a young heartthrob, is a wanted rebel Scot. He’s compassionate, brave, and of course, attractive. What more could I want in a character? Jamie and Claire (the other main character) have motivated me to keep going with their stories and continue on with the rest of the series.

However, this book challenge is a hefty endeavor, seeing as though there are eight books in the series. But being an avid Game of Thrones fan, the first book in the Outlander series has proved that this will be right up my alley. Plus, I’ll be able to read the other seven Outlander books while I wait for George R. R. Martin to complete the most recent Game of Thrones novel (because as all GoT nerds know, he’s not the fastest writer).

Outlander has it all: time travel, a love story, a setting in Scotland, and of course, lots of combat.

So for those of you who enjoy reading a bit of fantasy and latching onto or obsessing over your favorite characters for a long time, this is the perfect series for you to pick up as part of our 20 Books in 2016 Challenge!


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